About Brains Off

Brains Off started when he was 16, back then he played at several bday-parties and some small parties. Every party he took the experience to the next gig and so he got better and better. He learned to appreciate all kind of genres and how to read a crowd, so he can make every party a bit better then the previous.

In the summer of 2012 everything started to go hard! He got the opportunity to play at Feest in het Park, Culture Club, Vooruit,… Now he's going harder than ever with residencies all over Flanders, playing all kinds of music at all kinds of parties just to create that special vibe!

So don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing when he's around!


Download Brains Off's mashups, edits, mixes,... for free!



Feel free to mail me for info and/or bookings.